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Nick Vande Waerdt
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Our toys are all powder coated.  Powder coating is a very durable, baked-on finish.

This ensures that our toys will stay looking their best for years to come.

Our toys are cut out of various grades and thicknesses of carbon steel by state-of-the-art laser cutters.

This ensures consistency and quality in each and every toy.

Step 2 - Laser Cutting

Our toys are designed in SolidWorks design software by a Certified SolidWorks Professional.  

This ensures that proper clearances have been designed in, and our toys will be the best possible.

Step 1 - Design

Our toys are welded by a welder with over 30 years of welding experience.  This ensures our toy will have strong welds for years to come.

Step 3 - Welding

Building Our Toys

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Each toy is carefully hand-assembled and packaged.

This ensures that each product is free from defects, and will meet or exceed your expectations.

Step 5 - Assembly

Step 4 - Painting

Thanks for touring our little operation!

Here is a brief look at the process our toys go through to be designed and built.​  All of these steps take place in Rock Valley, IA.

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